Lariam (Mefloquine) Side Effects Lawsuits. The most-prescribed malaria drug could produce psychiatric side effects in more than one-quarter of all travelers who take it. Peace Corps volunteers are coming forward saying that over the past 12 years they suffered crippling paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, memory loss, suicidal behavior and physical ailments from seizures to vision difficulty because of the drug handed out by government doctors to prevent malaria. Emerging evidence suggests that a rash of domestic killings by soldiers at Fort Bragg in North Carolina in the summer of 2002 may be related to this drug.This site provides legal help for people with claims against the drug maker Hoffman LaRoche well as information about the risks of using Lariam.

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Travelers, Peace Corps volunteers and military personnel.
Lariam History: Story of Problems
Studies of Lariam determined its dangers.
Lariam Side Effects
Linked paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, suicide, violence and mental disorders.
FDA Warnings and Label Changes
Hoffmand LaRoche has changed the label and the FDA has warned against its use.
Lariam Legal Claims and Lawsuits
Explanation of the legal claims.
Lariam FAQ
Basic Questions and Answers.

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